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Rail Baltic procurements to be processed using Electronic Procurements System

Following the changes to Latvian Republic’s Public Procurements Law, all new procurements for Rail Baltica administered by RB RAIL will be processed using a free electronic information system and its e-contest subsystem.

Electronic procurement system is an alternative for the existing application submission approval system, which is set to replace the paper application submission system in the near future.

In accordance with Section 39 of the Public Procurements Law and law transition rules, all involved parties registered in Latvia, including RB RAIL, will have to secure electronic application processing system starting from 1 October 2017 with contract price threshold of equal to more than EUR 135,000 for procurements of goods and services and equal or more than EUR 5,225,000 for construction procurements.

It should be said that RB RAIL invites all potential project applicants to register with EIS to gain access to e-contest subsystem, which would provide them with an opportunity to participate in existing and planned procurements.

To use the EIS e-contest subsystem, all non-registered users have to register with EIS to receive registered user privileges, representatives say.

It is also mentioned that EIS offers benefits to all involved sides, because it helps reduce administrative burden and costs. The system also shortens the procurement process and secures better transparency.


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