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Latvia to invest EUR 5.9 million into formation of unified port network

Photo: Port of Riga.
Ports of Riga planning region and Kurzeme planning region have commenced an important tourism project. The goal of this project is creating a unified yacht port network in Latvia and Estonia with quality services that would allow developing sailing tourism and attract foreign sailing enthusiasts in the future, reports the regions’ representative Inese Ozoliņa.

Planned investments in the unified yacht club network and promotion at five ports of Riga planning region and six yacht ports in Kurzeme planning region will be EUR 5.9 million.

Riga planning region, Kurzeme planning region and Estonian Small Yacht Ports Development Centres, as well as partners from ten Latvian ports – Salacgriva, Skulte, Riga, Jurmala, Engure, Mersrags, Roja, Ventspils, Pavilosta and Liepaja – and nine Estonian ports have commenced a massive Estonian-Latvian programme Improved yacht ports infrastructure and port network development in Estonia and Latvia/ ESTLAT HARBOURS.

Inga Brieze, Riga planning region’s International Projects Department manager, says: «This project is a step towards the initiative to develop sailing as a form of tourism and active leisure; similar to how it is developed in Scandinavia. Our ports have all the pre-conditions. However, until now their potential in this direction has remained undeveloped.»

She adds that the project will help develop yacht port infrastructure in Riga and Kurzeme planning regions, said Brieza.


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