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Public transport in Latvia procurement may be at risk

Considering that continued and unhindered provision of public transport services on ten routes may become at risk from 1 January 2018 onward, Public Transport Council made a decision to ask the Road Directorate to sign a new contract to ensure services are available in multiple Latvian cities, as confirmed by Road Directorate.

New contracts for provision of public transport services are planned to be signed with carriers that already perform carriage of passengers in Aluksne, Daugavpils, Gulbene, Jekabpils, Limbazi, Ludza, Madona, Preili, Rezekne and Northern Kurzeme. It should be said that the Public Transport Council proposed ending the already commenced procurement procedure. New contracts will detail quality, safety and transport equipment requirements.

«The contest for public transport service provision in ten routes was extended three times. This resulted in less time for winners to prepare for successful provision of services. Because of that, contracts with existing carriers should be extended by at least nine months,» explains Road Directorate representative Zane Plone.

In accordance with Road Directorate’s performed survey of carriers, public transport services would not be affected only on 72 out of 333 active routes, because the majority of carriers said that they are not ready to extend contracts. Because the situation has become an emergency, the Public Transport Council decided to sign a new contract with existing service providers on affected routes.

Termination of procurement will be decided at a separate meeting of the Procurement Committee.

Based on European Parliament and Council Regulation No 1370/2007, the Road Directorate plans to sign new two-year contracts with carriers that service 10 route network areas. Requirements of contracts were formed based on information detailed in procurement documents. This will cover the average and maximum age of buses, approved types of technical equipment, service quality and safety, says Plote.

Road Directorate plans to announce a new procurement for public transport services on 15 May 2017. The term was extended twice in the past, because carriers submitted six separate complaints to the Procurement Monitoring Bureau. In accordance with Public Procurement Law, no contract can be signed with the winner of the procurement until a decision from the Procurement Monitoring Bureau has been reached in regards to results of the procurement procedure.

All complaints were declared unjustified in the end, says Plote.


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