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Orkla Foods Latvija invests 122 000 euros in new production line and design

Juice and sauce producer Orkla Foods Latvija owned by the Norwegian conglomerate Orkla Group is investing 122 000 euros in a new production line and in the development of new product packaging design.

Representatives of the firm unveiled: «In the factory located in Spilve, Babītes novads, works have been launched to install a new production line. It is planned to produce salad sauces (dressings) and mayonnaises in bottles of a new design for Latvian and export markets».

Orkla Foods Latvija noted that the products will be filled in 305-mililitre and 425-militre plastic bottles.

According to the company, export markets for its Latvian-made products are the Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Nordic countries, Russia, Ireland, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, the UK and the U.S.


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