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2018 to be «painful» to 30% of Latvian fishermen, say experts

To a third of Latvian fishermen the year 2018 will be «painful» because of the European Union’s fishing quotas to Latvia in the Baltic Sea, but most of the entrepreneurs in the industry will be winners, evaluated the Latvian National Fisheries Producers’ Organisation.

Inārijs Voits, the board chairman of the Latvian National Fisheries Producers’ Organisation, noted that the total allowed catches of cod in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea have been cut by 8%, instead of the initially planned -28%, which is a significant achievement to four Latvian fishing companies only having opportunities to fish in the Baltic Sea.

«The quota reduction in the amount of 28% as planned by the European Commission would be a threat that the next year would be the last to one of these four firms,» Voits commented.

He also evaluated that the cut by of the allowed total catches of Baltic herring in the Baltic Sea Gulf of Riga next year is a negative development that will affect five Latvian fishing companies that do not have the chance to fish in the open Baltic Sea.


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