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Average prices in Latvia – up by 2.9% on year

The average price level in Latvia in September 2017, as compared to September last year, has increased by 2.9%, according to official estimates.

The Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia stated on Monday, October 9, that  over the period, prices were affected the most by rising prices of food and non-alcoholic drinks, goods and services linked to transport, the group of miscellaneous goods and services, as well as by household-related goods and services and healthcare prices.

Since September 2016, the price level of food and non-alcoholic drinks increased by 5.5% with butter, cheese, curds, yoghurt, meat and meat products, vegetables and fresh fruit, eggs, bakery products and chocolate costing more.

Transport-related goods and services got more expensive by 3.2%, which, according to statisticians, has been due to fuel becoming more expensive by 7.6%. However, passenger fights and passenger transport on ships have got cheaper since

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