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Latvian government supports EUR 88 million more funding to road repairs

The Latvian government has backed allocating in the next three years additional 88.4 million euros to repairing roads, which in Latvian rural parts are often dangerously outdated.

The Latvian Ministry of Transport stated this week that the additional funding would give the chance to repair state roads of local significance covering approximately 1 000 kilometres over the three-year period.

According to Minister of Transport Uldis Augulis (Union of Greens and Farmers), at it is planned to put in order an average of 300 kilometres of roads more every year and to perform various maintenance works on local-significance state gravel roads.

«This means that in 2018 and 2019, additional 25.6 million euros will be invested, but in 2020 – 37.2 million euros. For this money, double surface works on gravel roads will be performed in the length of around 120 kilometres every year

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