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KNAB to procure 66 high-class safes for EUR 78,000

Latvia’s Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau announced last week a procurement procedure for 66 first-class safes, as confirmed by KNAB and Procurement Monitoring Bureau.

The total price is EUR 78,000. Offers are allowed to be submitted until 6 October.

The procedure itself will be performed in a rapid open procurement contest. This method was chosen because «there are signs that the government may decide on providing additional funding for KNAB in mid-September for the procurement of necessary equipment».

This week the government decided to divert EUR 787,941 to KNAB in order to finance measures in relation to compliance with security requirements and expansion of investigative and operative activities.

In total, it is planned to procure 42 small and 24 large safes. Safes have to be fitted with two locks: one B or higher-class mechanical lock and the second – a B or higher-class electronic combination code lock.

Safes will have to be supplied within six weeks after signing the procurement contract.


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