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Government clarifies registration order for persons involved in by-product turnover

Latvian government has decided to support Agriculture Ministry’s proposed amendments that establish the order that admits companies and registers persons involved in circulation of animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption.

Even now there are terms for evaluation of applications from persons involved in by-product circulation (five work days), commencement of company recognition process (20 days) and decisions after inspections at companies (five work days). Changes provide for adding a condition that the decision regarding the recognition of a company and provision of a certificate is to be announced by the Food and Veterinary Service within one work day.

Considering that FVS officials are the ones responsible for registering individuals involved in circulation of by-products in the register and add changes to it based on submitted information, the registration process complies with the Freedom to Provide Services Law. The current order will include a new condition for registration of individuals involved in by-product circulation.

Changes also state that glycerine as by-product from production of bio-diesel fuel can be transformed into biogas and fermentation residues are allowed to be buried in the ground in Latvia as long this measure does not create risks form public and animal health.

Changes to regulations also provide a special condition for animal by-products not intended for human consumption. The current order is that equine species are considered agricultural animals. However, because certain equine species have a very strong link with their owners, changes also permit the option to cremate their remains in cremation machinery certified by FVS under the condition that equine species in question are properly identified.

Changes will come into force after their publication on Latvian Herald’s official website.


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