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State Labour Inspectorate begins inspections at agricultural companies

On Monday, 4 September, Latvia’s State Labour Inspectorate commenced inspections at different agriculture companies in relation to compliance with work safety requirements.

Inspections are planned in at least 150 businesses in Latvia, as confirmed by SLI.

The inspection also notes that there has been a rise in the number of accidents registered in agricultural and livestock sectors since 2012. While only 38 accidents were registered in the industry in 2012, the number of accidents last year was 51. Lethal accidents are also registered in the industry every year; five took place last year. According to statistics, 13% of the country’s accidents with lethal outcomes took place in the agriculture industry.

SLI also says that a large number of unregistered employees are noted in the agriculture industry every year. This makes this industry one of the leading ones based on this index. Workers of this industry are subjected to different risk factors, such as uncomfortable working position, heavy loads, full body vibration, loud noise, poor weather conditions, inappropriate micro-climate, risk of trauma and exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Experience shows that accidents at work are often caused by failure to identify risks, poor training of workers, non-compliance with work safety requirements and inappropriate use of equipment. On top of that, workers often do not undergo the necessary health checks or be provided with protective equipment. Warning signs are often not put in the work environment to warn people of the danger.

SLI reminds that the goal of inspections is not punishing employers, but rather helping them sort out internal problems. This is why employers are invited to use the available information materials regarding work safety requirements in the industry at www.stadavesels.lv.

Agricultural companies are also invited to use OiRA work environment risk assessment application. This one can be found at vdi.gov.lv at OiRA section.


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