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DNB says it has no plans to change ATM system for its clients

Commission for money withdrawal from DNB Bank’s ATMs has been introduced by Swedbank and only for its own clients, DNB Bank’s representatives say.

‘DNB Bank has not changed conditions for its clients – DNB Bank clients will still be able to withdraw money from this bank’s ATM network in accordance with previous conditions,’ the bank notes.

The bank explains: «Each bank has its own business strategy and its own interests. Swedbank explains its decision to introduce commission for its clients with its recently expanded and modernized ATM network. Now this bank has decided to make a decision that points to a desire to encourage its clients to withdraw money only from its own or SEB Bank’s ATMs. DNB has no way to influence Swedbank’s decision,» DNB representatives say.

ATM use conditions will remain unchanged for DNB clients – clients with DNB cards will be able to withdraw money from SEB and Swedbank ATMs at the same conditions DNB offers for its own ATMs.

Only SEB Bank remains part of Swedbank’s ATM network from which clients are able to withdraw money without paying commission. Swedbank representative Kristine Jakubovska told Latvijas Radio that it was decided to exclude DNB Bank’s ATMs from Swedbank’s friendly network starting from 1 August onward.

From now on, Swedbank clients will have to keep in mind that they will have to pay commission when withdrawing cash from DNB Bank’s ATMs. The commission will be EUR 2.85 plus 2% from the amount withdrawn.

Jakubovska adds that Swedbank has expanded its ATM network by installing 16 new ATMs last year. Another five will be installed this year. «Our ATM network is sufficient for our clients to withdraw money free of charge,» says Swedbank representative.


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