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Officials discuss formation of cargo and passenger ferry line between Denmark and Riga

Ansis Zeltins/ldz.lv.
During the meeting between Danish ambassador in Latvia Hans Brask and Riga Freeport CEO Ansis Zeltins, the two officials discussed the possibility of creating a new cargo and passenger ferry line between Denmark and Riga, as confirmed by the freeport’s representative Vita Gerharde.

She said the ambassador visited Riga Freeport on Wednesday, 9 August. The main reason for the visit was meeting the new CEO of Riga Freeport.

During the meeting, the Danish ambassador was shown the freeport’s development indexes, new projects and investment opportunities. Zeltins also affirmed that Denmark is already an important partner for Riga Freeport. Still in a situation when new markets and new investment projects are vital, the port is especially interested in closer cooperation with Danish ports, businessmen of the country’s logistics industry and institutions.

The ambassador praised the quality of services provided by Riga Freeport. He also said a large delegation of Danish businessmen will soon visit Latvia. Their main goal will be improving Danish-Latvian cooperation and finding new opportunities for transport, logistics and cargo transport areas.

Gerharde said the meeting also addressed the matter of opening a new cargo and passenger ferry line. Zeltins also noted that Riga Freeport’s authority will support any initiative that would help diversify cargoes and attract new ones.

According to information from Riga Freeport authority, cargo flow between Riga and ports in Denmark have been on average equal to 1.5 million tonnes in the past three years, which accounts for 4% of total cargo turnover for Riga Freeport.

The bulk of the cargoes sent to Denmark consist of coal, different timber cargoes, oil products, as well as agricultural products. Most cargoes received from Denmark consist of different metals.

Danish Maersk Line container line works at Riga Freeport. Serviced container cargo-wise, it is the third largest line at the port.


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