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Farmers Saeima: beef industry in Latvia is not sufficiently developed

Farmers Saeima believes Latvia’s beef industry is not sufficiently developed, and existing farms have not sufficiently stabilized – many farms have major debt. Because of that any kind of support for the industry is welcome.

Considering the recently voiced information about the possible reduction of voluntary support for livestock in 2017, the Farmers Saeima categorically opposes the planned reduction of support by 30% this year and possible freezing in future years. The association invites Agriculture Ministry to consider proposals to support the beef industry.

Primarily, the organization invites preserving BSA on the current level because the livestock industry in Latvia has only recently begun developing. Farmers who are engaged in livestock breeding expect support. This is why the plan to change rules midway is a negative sign.

At the same time, if it is not possible to maintain BSA support on its current level, Farmers Saeima has a number of alternative solutions. This includes the introduction of a fee for the first 100 supported animals or providing support for grazing fields.

Lojas farm owner and livestock owner Mareks Berzins: «Considering the crisis in the dairy industry, which lasted 2014-2016, many dairy owners were invited to refocus on breeding of livestock. This is a rare agriculture sector that often involves younger people. A large number of young farmers have entered the industry. The project helped them procure animals, vehicles and equipment. The livestock industry also contributes to socio-economic development of Latvia’s countryside.»

Kaspars Adams, manager of ‘Liellopu izsoļu nams’, comments: «Across all of Europe, countries are fighting to attract farmers, create jobs and replace generations. Lately, thanks to support from Europe, a large number of young farmers have entered livestock sector. Many farms have reoriented their activities to breed livestock. Putting them in a position without support would be wrong. The industry has very high perspectives for export markets.»


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