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Experts predict nearly half of beer consumed in Estonia will be procured in Latvia

Estimates of Estonian alcohol producers and retail traders show that nearly half of all beer and one-third of vodka that will be consumed in the country next year will be procured in Latvia. According to experts, this way Estonia will lose up to EUR 170 million in tax revenue, Postimees reports.

Data from Postimees shows that 6% of beer consumed in Estonia last year was procured in Latvia. This year’s volume has already reached 10%. According to estimates from Estonian alcohol producers and retail traders, by the end of the year 17% of all beer consumed in Estonia will have been bought in Latvia. Next year’s index may reach 48%.

Retailers say Estonians buy light alcoholic drinks in Latvia at a similar volume. Last year, 4% of light alcoholic drinks consumed in Estonia were bought in Latvia. Predictions state that this volume could reach 9% this year and 50% next year.

Predictions about procurement of strong alcoholic drinks in Latvia are somewhat calmer – by the end of next year, 33% of alcohol consumed in Estonia will have been procured in Latvia. The volume of strong alcohol procured in Latvia is expected to reach 24% this year (15% last year).

Alcohol producers and retailers estimate that Estonia will lose EUR 53 million to cross-border trade this year and EUR 170 million next year.

According to Estonian Finance Ministry’s estimates, the country will lose EUR 22 million in tax revenue due to cross-border trade.


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