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Toyota sales in Latvia up 25%

5,735 new Toyota cars were sold in Baltic States in the first six months of 2017, which is 33% more than last year. Toyota’s total market share in Baltics is 14.2%, BNN was informed by the company.

Toyota sales in Latvia have grown 25%. 1,264 new Toyota cars have been sold in Latvia since the beginning of the year. More than half of them were sold at WESS Motors Toyota car salons, increasing WESS Motors Toyota by 37% compared with the same period of last year.

Also compared with last year, sales of Toyota brand grew 87% in Latvia in June 2017.

As it is known, Wess turnover in 2016 reached EUR 39.9 million, which is 19% more than the previous year. Wess sales grew 17.2% last year, which secured them 6.2% of Latvia’s car market.


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