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Latvian Transport Ministry signs memorandum with Chinese Xinhua news agency

Kaspars Ozolins/sam.gov.lv.
Transport Ministry’s State Secretary Kaspars Ozolins and Xinhua Vice-President Liu Siyang signed a memorandum on cooperation for mutual exchange of information associated with transport and logistics sector, BNN was informed by the ministry.

On Monday, 26 June, Ozolins met with Liu Siayang, vice-president of Xinhua news agency, which is one of the largest news agencies in the world, and his delegation to discuss future mutual cooperation in information exchange and distribution.

«By signing this memorandum, we hope to form a channel for regular communication, which will help with objective reflection of the vision for the development of Latvia’s transport and logistics sector and in the context of Eurasian transports to secure closer cooperation with Chinese colleagues and partners as part of the One Belt, One Road initiative,» says Ozolins.

During the meeting, both sides discussed their interests in relation to regular exchange and distribution of information about cooperation activities performed by both countries to raise awareness about projects, plans and intentions for the transport and logistics sector.


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