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Latvian businessmen use e-commerce opportunities for business development

With e-commerce volumes growing around the world, Latvian businessmen use it more and more often for business development, including exports of goods and services. As noted by DPD, the number of packages sent to foreign countries grew 22% last year.

«Competitive products have wide opportunities to develop on the local market and outside in the e-commerce era. We have noticed that export volumes to Baltic States and Europe continuously increase. The number of packages sent to foreign countries grew 22% in 2016. The number of packages continues to increase this year. Among senders we see more and more new medium and small businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs. This means businessmen in retail trade actively search for and find opportunities to develop export business in online trade platforms,» admits DPD Latvia chairman Janis Grants.

Package carriers told BNN that Latvia-based Canvas WAY specializes in canvas print production for clients in Latvia and abroad. The producer sends packages to different European Union member states every day.

«Starting up a business project, we knew in advance our audience would be European clients, because this product had not yet been very popular in Latvia then. Initially we sent packages around Latvia. Then we received the first orders from Lithuania and Estonia. Now our website canvasway.com is available in six languages. A half of all orders now come from Latvia and the other half – from European member states. Most often those are the UK, Germany and Scandinavian countries. We have since sent packages to Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy and elsewhere. We also have plans to develop far enough to open an office in another country,» says Canvas WAY CEO Andris Grinbergs.


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