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CFCA supports Incukalns tar ponds clean-up project

Photo: talkas.lv.
The Central Financing and Contracting Agency has performed a full assessment of the project for the clean-up of historic pollution site – Incukalns tar ponds – and has decided to support continuation of the second stage of the project by forwarding it to the European Commission, as BNN was informed by the agency.

More than EUR 24.8 million is available from the European Regional Development Fund for the project’s realization.

The project covers the clean-up of southern and northern tar ponds in Incukalns and prevention of further pollution of the territory surrounding the tar ponds. It is planned to improve the quality of groundwater, surface water and soil within the territory surrounding area of the tar ponds. After the clean-up it will be possible to use the territory for limited commercial activities in accordance with the territory’s development plan.

The project’s funding will consist of EUR 24,869,084.61 from the European Regional Development Fund, EUR 4,388,661.99 from the state budget. The total costs of the project, including additional funding, are planned at EUR 29,699,996.60.


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