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Largest shareholders must invest their own funds in "Liepajas metalurgs"

Kirovs Lipmans. Photo: LETA.
 RIGA, April 12 - The largest shareholders of "Liepajas metalurgs", Sergejs Zaharjins and Ilja Segals, must invest their own money in the company, since it is the only way to solve the company's financial problems, "Liepajas metalurgs" shareholder Kirovs Lipmans, who is currently involved in a civil dispute over ownership rights to 11.5 percent of "Liepajas metalurgs" shares, emphasizes in an interview with "Nozare.lv".

"They have enough money - it should be them to invest and save the company. It is awful that "Liepajas metalurgs" has been brought to such condition, however, it has been done deliberately," emphasizes Lipmans.

Asked whether it is possible to attract funds to "Liepajas metalurgs" by putting up the company's shares as security in a bank, Lipmans explains that no one needs these shares, therefore it is necessary to invest personal funds.

Lipmans emphasizes that he is ready to invest his own funds in "Liepajas metalurgs" and lead the company out of the crisis if he regains control over the company. "I do not have to look for investors, I can rescue the company on my own, I have already done it once," says Lipmans.

"Liepajas metalurgs" paid up share capital is LVL 16,981,033. Zaharjins and Segals are the company's largest shareholders with 49 percent and 21.03 percent of shares respectively. Lipmans owns 20.14 percent.
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