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Car rent service demand doubles in Latvia in summer

Photo: riga.in.
As the summer season begins, the number of local clients in Latvia who decide to rent cars increases significantly, as reported by Avis car rent company.

A typical Latvian car rent client is 30-50 years old man.

«Similar to other car rent companies elsewhere in Europe, summer months are the busiest in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – the volume of demand for car rent services doubles. The number of local clients who pick a rented vehicle instead of their owned car increases in June. The number of clients who use rented cars to transport wedding guests also increases year after year,» says Paylless Latvia representative Edijs Varpsalietis.

As one of the reasons why residents in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia decide to rent cars, Payless representative says rented vehicles are most often used when residents’ owned vehicles are unavailable. «When picking the vehicle to replace their owned car, residents most often pick low-price vehicles for seven or ten days,» says Varpsalietis.

Minibuses are usually rented for one or four days.

It is notable that women’s and men’s habits when picking cars differ. «Women usually have more specific preferences in relation to colour. Car brand is less important to them. Women also often clearly and openly say the purpose for which they intend to rent cars,» the company’s representative explains, adding that women also often pick cars with automatic transmission system.

Payless representative recommends thinking about reserving a car at least one week ahead, so that there is enough time to compare prices among different companies.


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