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Cargo turnover increase noted for Ventspils port terminals

Photo: twitter.com/@Brivosta.
Turnover of terminals working at Ventspils Freeport has grown 20% in the past five months in comparison with the same period of last year, as reported by Ventspils Freeport Authority.

May 2017 was less successful for Ventspils port terminals – 1.3 million tons of cargoes were transshipped that month, which is a 6% decline in comparison with May 2016. In spite of that, Ventspils port terminals transshipped 10.8 million tons in the first five months of 2017, which is 1.8 million tonnes or 20% more than last year, as reported by the port authority.

Cargo volumes and number of passengers carried by Stena Line ferries also continue to increase. This ferry line has been used by 17,875 passengers (33%) more when compared with the same period of 2016. The volume of Ro-Ro cargoes transshipped at Ventspils port has grown 166,000 tons or 24%, which remains the largest volume of Ro-Ro cargoes among Latvian ports.

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