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New CEO of Riga Freeport to have a major wage increase

Riga Freeport authority plans to announce a personnel selection process to find a new CEO for the Freeport, said Mareks Gailitis, advisor to chairman of the board of Riga Freeport Andris Ameriks.

At the same time, Riga Freeport authority decided to change the wage for the CEO to make it competitive and demanding, considering the range of duties and the importance of the post.

Imants Sormulis, who is the CEO of Ventspils Freeport, earned EUR 148,000 in his post in 2015. His declaration for 2016 is not yet publicly available. Leonids Loginovs, who left his post as CEO of Riga Freeport this year, earned approximately EUR 70,000 in his post in 2015. He had also earned EUR 40,000 from Riga Freeport Fleet. Last year, however, he earned approximately EUR 65,000 as CEO of Riga Freeport and approximately EUR 45,000 for work in RBF.

Requirements for candidates and the assessment procedure were approved by Riga Freeport board on Wednesday, 19 April. The freeport’s board decided that an open selection process will be announced 21 April and candidates will be allowed to submit applications all the way until 22 May.

In accordance with the approved procedure, the selection procedure will include three stages: the first stage will assess candidates’ compliance with requirements, the second stage will evaluate candidates’ overall industry-related knowledge and experience, and the third stage will include interviews. Evaluation of candidates will be performed by a special committee. Members of the committee will provide their opinions on candidates to Riga Freeport authority for the final verdict.

According to requirements of the selection procedure, candidates need to have higher academic or second level vocational education in management, finances, economics or engineering sciences. Education associated with transport industry (port management, transport and logistics) or shipping (navigation or ship operations) will be considered an advantage.

Candidates are also required to have at least five years of experience working in managing post of a large company or public sector organizations. Potential candidates are also required to have the highest level in Latvian language and at least basic knowledge of English and Russian language.

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