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International logistics operator Pony Express enters Latvia’s market

Photo: ponyexpressru.com.
Pony Express has announced its entry to the European market. Its first office will be opened in Riga, company representatives say.

In Latvia, Pony Express will offer postal and cargo transportation services, as well as economical deliveries in the country and any destination in foreign countries. The company will also offer postal and cargo transportation services to Latvia from abroad. Looking at a three-year perspective, the company predicts profits worth more than seven million euros from business activities in Latvia.

«The Baltic market is strategically important for us,» says Pony Express Director General in Latvia Aleksandrs Kovalevskis. «We not only highly value Latvia’s transit potential, but also see demand for complex high-quality logistics services at adequate prices. We are prepared to offer local partners a maximum range of services, up to full outsourcing of logistics services,» the director general says about the company’s services.

According to Kovalevskis, the company’s main offered advantages include the following: delivery time is the main advantage over competing companies. Within a single country, deliveries are carried out within a single work day. The road to Moscow takes one to two days, and to Almaty (Kazakhstan) – up to three days.

Service prices are shaping to be 20% cheaper in comparison with other service providers present on Latvia’s market. «Such a price offer by Pony Express is possible thanks to a wide network of offices and the company’s land and air routes. The operator plans to conquer no less than 5% of Baltic express deliveries market in the next three years,» Kovalevskis says.

Another direction chosen by Pony Express in Latvia is warehouse logistics. The company already offers warehouse and cargo processing services, as well as delivery services for Latvian internet shops. The operator plans to establish cargo transportation business in Latvia within the next twelve months.

Pony Express plans to open offices in Vilnius and Tallinn in 2018.


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