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Lowest bid for construction of Liepaja Concert Hall - LVL 20 million

Uldis Sesks. Photo: LETA.
 LIEPAJA, April 9 - The lowest bidder for construction of Liepaja Concert Hall "Lielais dzintars" is offering to build the concert hall for slightly more than LVL 20 million - which is close to what the local government had planned to spend on the project, as Liepaja Mayor Uldis Sesks (Liepaja Party) said in an interview with "Rietumu Radio" this morning, adding that the bids varied greatly.

The lowest bid, LVL 20,278,845, was submitted by construction company "Merks", which offers to build the concert hall in two years. "The lowest bid is close to what the local government was planning to spend on the project," added Sesks.

The bids were opened on April 5.

"Skonto Buve" offered to build the concert hall for LVL 23,973,512, whereas "UPB" - for LVL 24,133,700. Liepaja City Council originally thought that building the concert hall would cost the city LVL 20 million, of which half would be covered with European Union funds.

According to Sesks, the bids are still being analyzed so there would be "no problems during the construction process"..

The mayor also said the concerns that the concert hall would be empty for most of the time were unfounded. Liepaja Concert Hall will be a multi-functional facility, offering not just concerts but also conferences, seminars, various recreational events. The concert hall will also be home to Liepaja Symphony Orchestra and Liepaja Music High School.
Likewise, many people were skeptical about the Liepaja Olympic Center, doubting its viability. Now, however, Liepaja Olympic Center is visited by 4,000 people every day and is very popular, said Sesks.

The agreement on construction of the concert hall could be concluded in May.

As reported, Liepaja Concert Hall's technical design was done by Austrian architect Volker Giencke. It will be located at 8 Radio Street in Liepaja. According to the design, the total area of the concert hall will be 14,126 square meters, the building will have eight stories. The large concert hall will have a capacity of 1,080, whereas the chamber hall will have 200 seats.

In December 2011, Liepaja City Council signed an agreement on taking LVL 6 million from the European Regional Development Fund for implementation of the project; the agreement stipulates that the project must be implemented by June 30, 2015.

December 28, Liepaja City Council and Culture Ministry signed a protocol of intent on locating Liepaja Music School and Liepaja Symphony Orchestra in the new edifice.
January 20 this year, Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) publicly promised to support the Liepaja Concert Hall project, confirming that the government would look for extra support for the project so it could be completed on time.

More than LVL 5 million has already been invested in the project so far.
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